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Project Management

We provide project management for signage projects from the bid stage through fabrication and installation. One of our talented project managers will partner with you at the start of each project to serve as your key point of contact. Signage projects by their nature are custom and each will have a unique set of requirements, restrictions, and expectations. Our project managers understand how to manage the requirements and restrictions to ensure your expectations are delivered on time and on budget.

Gannt chart with sign schedule.

For over 35 years, Morrison has specialized in managing, producing, and installing signage projects. We collaborate with design professionals, general contractors, architects, businesses and institutions to fulfill signage goals.


Are you a designer who is pushing the boundaries in environmental design? Morrison has decades of experience in signage production and new product introduction. We offer problem solving and prototyping services to help you turn your ideas into buildable solutions. We will help deliver a cost-conscious alternative that is true to your design intent and within your customer’s budget.

We work with you to develop your concepts early in the design stage while you work with your customers to gain a greater understanding of their expectations. Our experience with materials, fabrication techniques, and code requirements will help you to explore new signage concepts.


Though there have been great advances in manufacturing technology, sign fabrication is still very much a trade that requires craftsmanship based on experience. Many of our artisans have been making signs for more than eight years, with some working with us for over 20. Our experienced fabrication team manufactures your signs in our Dallas facility using industry standard tools and processes. Utilizing cutting-edge machinery, are capabilities include:

  • CNC routing

  • computerized vinyl cutting

  • large-format printing

  • laser cutting and engraving

  • painting with Matthews Paint System

  • ADA rastering/engraving

  • photopolymer application

  • screen printing


Whether you have an inspection scheduled or an important opening, we will work with you to meet deadlines. Our experienced installation team provides service within the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. For a project outside of the area, we either provide a Morrison installer on-site or assign one of our trusted installation partners around the country.

Ongoing Support

Our service doesn’t end when all signs are on the wall. Department names change, signs get damaged, businesses grow and expand. Your signs are customized for you or your clients, so ongoing support is crucial. We will be here to provide any additional signage needs, whether for a singular sign, a departmental name change, or an entire building.



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